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Factors Affecting Psychological WellBeing

A Wheel of Wellbeing

The circle above represents a breakdown of the many different areas of your life that go to make up overall life satisfaction and fulfilment.

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Wellbeing Coaching Therapy for Mental/Emotional Wellbeing

Working with a ‘Wellbeing Coaching Therapist’ involves working in a supportive environment to examine your relationship to your Wellbeing and explore the application of evidenced based strategies designed to enhance wellbeing.

sense of fulfilment and enhanced well-being

Why choose me?

My qualifications and experience to date all weave together to enable me to offer my clients a unique blend of expertise, wisdom and experience in all things Health and Well-being

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Wellbeing Coaching Therapy

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Working with Patsy was a delightful experience where I felt supported and challenged to fulfil my potential and excited to take the next steps in my life and career. Her knowledge and expertise in the area of health and well-being is an incredibly valuable resource enabling her to equip you with practical strategies for success
Really enjoyed the learning on this module and inspired to continue to learn more around the area of psychological well-being and look forward to applying to my clinical role and health coaching practice. Thank you (Patsy) for sharing your great energy, knowledge, experience and teaching skills
PG Dip Student on the Coaching for Psychological Well Being Module

About Patsy McSharry

I am  a Doctor of Health Promotion and a Lecturer in Nursing and Health Studies. My areas  of expertise include Health and Wellbeing and in particular, the Promotion of Positive Mental Health and Psychological Wellbeing. I lecture in Health, Mental Health, Coaching  and Wellbeing at undergraduate and post graduate level .

I am  an  internationally accredited Health and Wellbeing Coach (ICF, EMCC, NBC-HWC) with a specialist focus on Wellbeing Coaching.

As a passionate and committed lifelong learner, I am  currently undertaking a Master’s in Psychotherapy with a special interest in combining the fields of Psychological Wellbeing Coaching, Positive Psychology and Psychotherapy.

I  like to practice what I  preach and experience first-hand on a regular basis the value of positive physical and mental health promotion strategies. For me, these involve, a regular practice of running, journaling, and mindful meditation, all of which fuel my passion for this area of holistic Health and Wellbeing.